Blazing Hot Afternoon

It’s been a while I posted an article on here. I have been very busy witha lot of things. Although, I was  able to write some articles while I was offline; I didn’t get the chance to post them on-line.

I am really glad that my time away gave me the opportunity and inspirationto think and write about the hilarious moments I had while in Flying school and the particular one that comes to mind was one time the Air traffic controller confused me with a very long instruction.

It was a pretty busy Wednesday Afternoon, the sun was set on the horizon and blazing hot while I was flying back to my lift off base, after two hours of navigation flying.

Before I got to the boundary between where I was coming from and where I was going to, I requested for permission. A pilot can only be cleared to fly into a controlled zone after he/she has requested for permission from the Air traffic controller to do so.

Unluckily for me, the airspace was congested because there were a lot of people flying. I was kept out of the control airspace for almost twenty minutes until the Air traffic controller gave me instructions that I was not familiar with, and to make the situation worse, there was no land mark that I could use as a point of reference: I began to feel agitated.

It was very hard for me to follow the instruction the controller gave me but i was sagacious enough to manoeuvre my way around the busy airspace and report overhead an area where i presumed to be the reporting point.

The controller gave me a second confusing instruction and below is the conversation i had with the controller.

Controller : Romeo Whiskey Sierra, you are cleared for the approach to closed threshold 02, facing the  the fuel bay, hold short of the active,watch  out for the Robinson 44 lifting off from the closed Threshold 02 and after the after the 737 taking on the active runway, you are cleared to cross the active runway to Taxiway Alpha then right on Charlie back to the hanger, report safe on the ground.

I considered the instruction a bit too long for an inexperienced pilot like me. I got confused and i kept reading wrong instructions back, this exasperated the controller and he intentionally kept me at a thousand feet while attending to other aircraft’s.


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