A poet once said that it’s so easy to give up on things when they don’t go our way, we must learn to stay with our dreams and never let them stray, Only to live with the ‘’what ifs’’ that we will continue to ponder,. But keep working hard and you will never have to wonder. I am a strong believer of this and my life has been affected positively by it.
My Journey started back in 2010 when I made up my mind to make my long time dream of being a pilot a reality. I left my country to another country to pursue this long time dream of mine. After I got comfortable in the foreign country, I took a day off to find a good flying school and I was able to find one which I will prefer not to mention their name but I will call them ‘’Ashabi Flight Training School or AFTS , they were very nice to me and I got carried away with their sweet words and their promise of a world class training, I enrolled with Ashabi Flight Training school and was being told to come back the day after for my Intro flight.

I was walking out of the Flying school building when a beautiful lady who is also one of AFS desk staff came to ask if I will be interested in taking my Intro Flight the same day, rather than waiting 24hours and I quickly accept without thinking twice. I was filled with excitement while walking back upstairs and I have already started fantasizing my flight.

My first flight was on a Cessna 172 Skyhawk and it was a great flight as I got to know my instructor before the flight and he thus made sure that I was comfortable, I really enjoyed the flight except for the few times that I was feeling the the Negative G(the sense of weightlessness) which is like the one you feel in a Roller Coaster ride. This is what you usually experience every time the Airplane descends.

……………………………..To be continued


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