Anyone could fly a plane but it takes a lot to be a Pilot


A real Pilot flies without the instrument
– Captainolayinka

If you’ve not banged the plane, then you are just about to
– Captainolayinka
When you make flying your first love, well you are as confused as I am

– Captainolayinka

You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky.

— Amelia Earhart

If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why oh why can’t I?

— E.Y. Harburg

In an imperfect world perfection is not instantly available. Railroad safety, for instance, cannot be secured by mechanical devices alone. It is primarily a resultant of care and discipline.

— Ivy Lee, address before the Traffic Club of Pittsburgh, 8 December 1913, first published in Human Nature and Railroads, 1915.

Man is not as good as a black box for certain specific things. however he is more flexible and reliable. He is easily maintained and can be manufactured by relatively unskilled labour.

— Wing Commander H. P. Ruffell Smith, RAF, 1949.

In the air transport business more than any other, the human element is everything. That big plane in front of the hangar is only as good as the man who flies it, and he is only as good as the people on the ground who work with him.

— W. A. (Pat) Patterson, President United Airlines, quoted in the book ‘High Horizons,’ 1944

I think it is a pity to lose the romantic side of flying and simply to accept it as a common means of transport.

— Amy Johnso

There is no sport equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on great white wings.

— Wilbur Wright, 1905

No one can realize how substantial the air is, until he feels its supporting power beneath him. It inspires confidence at once.

— Otto Lilienthal, German inventor of the first successful glider, 1893


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